Nusa Penida Island as the part of Bali district under the Klungkung Regency has its own history. The Nusa Penida Island was a place where the prisoners from Gelgel dynasty from Bali was held in prison at early 18th century under the Majapahit ruler. The Gelgel Dynasty was one of the Balinese Kingdoms which conquered the Lombok Island once. Before Majapahit come to Bali, the Gelgel dynasty was the one who conquered Nusa Penida by killing the last king of Dalem Nusa kingdom in Nusa Penida as noted in the Babad (history, tale, genealogical account) Blahbatuh. The period of the kingdom on Nusa Penida ended after that.
The babad said that was happened under the rule of the last raja of Gelgel, Dimade in the second half of the seventeeth century. From then on, Nusa Penida was ruled by Bali. The histories all refer to the end of the reign of the last Dalem of Nusa Penida – called Dalem Nusa or Dalem Bungkut – who in his lifetime was a king in the flesh. After his death, he became a feared ruler of the other world. In this role, he is often called Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling, the Great Lord with Golden Fangs.
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