Baris Jangkang

The are many kind of baris dance. One of them, batis jangkar is originally coming from Nusa Penida. The dancers of the Baris Jangkang all dance with a wooden stick, but they don't wear the traditional Baris costume. The male dancers perform in rows armed with spears and dressed in sacred cloth called Kamben Cepuk.

The Baris Jangkang consists of three parts. The first part of this dance in Balinese is called 'Gelatik nuwut papah', in English is the little Java Sparrow (Padda oryzivora) hopping over the stem and midrib of a palm leaf.

The second part of the dance is called 'Goak maling taluh' (Crow stealing the eggs), and the third part is called 'Elo', where the dancer impersonates a drunken and confused person waving his head to and fro as though he is about to die. The performance shown here represents the crow that is after the eggs.

Dalem Bungkut Dancing Drama

The 'Dalem Bungkut' drama scenery is one of the most favorite among Balinese dancing drama. The story revolves around a series of events related to the submission of King Bungkut of Nusa Penida by King Watu Renggong of Gelgel. The unruly island was placed back under Balinese control after years of a cruel, violent and capricious despot who was possibly a relative to the King of Bali. There are many versions of this story.

One detailed version was written down by Walter Spies and Beryl de Zoete in 1938, in 'Dance & Drama in Bali'. The main story of this drama is about King Bungkut (also known as Dalem Bungkut) who became a very cruel kings in Nusa Penida.

He is very powerful so nobody on the island can beat him. The local then asking help from Bali ( Gelgel dynasty). Gelgel kingdom decide to send one their best minister, which is also so powerful to conquering Nusa Penida and kill Dalem Bungkut. Finally the minister, Patih Jelantik beat Dalem Bungkut and peace back again to Nusa Penida.
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